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Types of Training and Advice

One-to-One Early Puppy Development


Prevention is better than a cure


A newborn puppy is expected to learn to live in its new human environment and the most critical learning period for a puppy is between 4 and 12 weeks old. Most puppies are taken from their mother at 7-8 weeks and it is important that the new owners continue the education. Training at this critical stage in the new home can be hampered by lack of knowledge about the puppy's early training needs. It is recommended that puppies are not allowed out to socialise with other dogs and see new places until they have completed their vaccinations, (usually between 12-14 weeks), by which time the critical learning period has past and problems have already been seeded. A puppy's learning capacity in the early weeks is great and they can learn lots of things, not all of which are good from the owner's point of view. The early acquired bad habits can develop into serious problems as a puppy becomes older and bolder.


One-to-one advice during this critical puppy stage within your own home can prevent many future problems. We give advice on sleeping arrangements, toilet training, the importance of appropriate socialising for your puppy, walking on the lead, to come when called, sit, down and any other training that may be required. All this can be most successfully initiated within the first 12 weeks of your puppy's life. Once your puppy is fully vaccinated, it can then attend puppy classes. Puppy classes can be great fun for the puppy, as well as the owners, and yield results to be enjoyed for years to come.


One-to-One Personal Training and Behavioural consultations


For all training and behavioural problems including: Separation Anxiety, Barking, Anti social behaviour, Dog to Dog aggression, Territorial problems, recall Problems, Children interaction and nervousness. Consultations given in your home providing an informal and therefore more relaxing environment for both you and your dog.



Puppy & Adult packages on a one to one basis offered.


Puppy: 4 x 45 minute sessions £120 – Adult: 4 x 1 hour sessions £130 at a venue to suit.


Please contact Nikki for more info.



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