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I first met Nicky about 4 years ago when I turned up with my dog to try agility for the first time with Dickson Dog Training owned at that time by Wendy Dickson.  Unfortunately my dog didn't take to agility and therefore after about 6 months I stopped going as didn't want to stress my dog out. Three years later, and with Nicky as the new owner of Dickson Dog Training, I tried again with my new young dog.  At the ripe young age of 1yr I booked a number of 1-2-1 sessions with Nicky.  My gorgeous girlie excelled very quickly under Nicky's wing and Nicky taught me how to achieve the best from her whilst understanding that she is a sensitive dog.  Nicky explained that although my girl has been doing 1-2-1's for 6 months, she felt that she would benefit from a Foundation Agility Course where she could practice her contacts and weaves etc. that she was setting up, so we went along.  I'm so glad I took her along albeit back to front.  As soon as I walked her into the arena with the barking dogs, she was so nervous that she sat with all four of her paws on my feet (you had to see it to believe it).  Nicky told me to ignore the behaviour and that she would very soon realise that she did actually quite like being there.  Sure enough, within minutes my dog was pulling at her lead to sniff the other dogs. We have both come so far in 6 months that we are now competing in agility.  I am so proud of my gorgeous girlie and will be forever thankful for the patience (with me) and time that Nicky has given to my young dog to enable us to compete in agility.


Jacki Clifford


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